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Nov 17, 2012 10:00pm PST
, and the bryant street opportunity area is one of those within the south beach area consisting of pier 30-32 and sea wall lot 330. during the plan process it was always seen as an opportunity to create these mix use maritime developments that brought new opportunities for expansion and improvement of maritime uses with a mix of uses that would help to finance the bill taking of our piers, create a new mix of activities that would draw people out to the waterfront, and also we coordinated that with the open space plan. that's also promoted in the plan so the wharf project that was described to you was distributed conceived as a package for benefits of open space and activities that promoted our maritime uses. at the time the water front plan was being contemplated we look at accessible land uses on every port parcel and for pier 30-32 there is a menu of uses which includes assembly and entertainment uses as being allowable, long-term uses as long as retail and other activities in support of this mixed use development concept. the waterfront plan also does contemplate sports facilities i
Nov 18, 2012 11:30am PST
will go over the design and the development proposed on piers 30-32 and sea lot 330. i will show you our initial concepts. there will be a lot more design to happen but i will walk you through our proposals for the development. ae com is a global engineering and architecture firm in san francisco and here for years and working in collaboration with others for this project. bill crocket is the head of the practice and leading the architectural effort for the project. some of you maybe wondering what the name snow hitter mean. it's the name of a mountain in norway and craig dikeus has named the firm after this mountain. i believe he climbs it every summer. he sends his apologies and isn't climbing this week and couldn't make this presentation but will be here in the future and they do really beautiful and highly regarded cultural and arts performing venues amongst other types of buildings, so when we started the project our clients, the warriors, challenged snow hitter and ourselves to think how we could connect the city to the water and do that in an inspiring way that could create
Nov 24, 2012 10:30pm PST
, and there is some very interesting contrast. to the north the piers create much more urban everyone to the north and then you see the bridge and the sheds and the city behind. it's a more shaded side of the pier as the development is under taken. to the south in contrast a very beautiful small section of the bay here that abuts the embarcadero and the park and this is community oriented, a great opportunity for an active community recreational edge. you can see in the red square at the top of the plan proposing to keep that existing element. you can see the water marked tower on sea wall lot 330 in blue and the blue color encompassing here and the piers 30-32 and indicating from the beginning we looked at this in a holistic way. this indicates the typical relationship you have along the waterfront when you look down a pier. you typically take the long view down to the water and this is something that occurs here, but there is something that occurs on 30-32 which is unlike any other pier and that's this very spectacular north south access that you view access that you experience as you walk on
Nov 20, 2012 9:00am PST
the perez presentation you're about to see. specific to pier 30-32 and seawall 330, the site of this proposal. * piers 30-32, the plan anticipated entertainment and assemble uses, commercial activities, public open space, maritime and water dependent uses, the kinds of elements that you'll see within the presentation that are about to be presented. as it relates to seawall lot 330 on the west side of the embarcadaro, that seawall lot was anticipated within the plan as a transition from waterfront uses to the kinds of uses, residential uses in the south beach community. so, that site, seawall 330, anticipated residential, hotels, those kinds of uses in addition to commercial activities. i wanted to note as it related to the immediate context. the adjacent facility, [speaker not understood] adjacent to the site are developed with sheds, bulkhead buildings, and the waterfront plan specifically mentions that there is an opportunity in its large vacant site to develop new waterfront architecture that could be complementary to the historic facilities adjacent to it, but could be a
Nov 27, 2012 9:30am PST
wanted to make that view and the view between pier 28 and pier 30 a unique view and we wanted to preserve the types of finger pier type spaceses in this particular slot. so, the buildings are of similar height along that edge. additionally as you move from main street proper looking out as you come down the hill, you know that's a very, very steep hill right there. so, if you just look on the map and you see it as flat, you think, well, you can never really see anything anyway. in fact, it's quite a steep hill. as you're coming down the hill you will have views from main street out over the water that we wanted to protect. and once again, moving the arena and multi-purpose facility to the east allowed us to do that. and also you'll see our current designs for the seawall side allows us to do that. from the embarcadaro proper, we're trying to preserve as much as possible the wide view out to the waterfront. it's not perpendicular to the waterfront as it is today. we're preserving that corner with low rise, structure is low, that will allow passersby to see out to the bay. finally, really i
Nov 28, 2012 10:30am PST
you heard from the chief earlier. to make the fire station work on north berth of pier 30, we will have to take a kles -- close look how it is designed and mission and has full functionality for the fire department. we also have site circumstances like red's java house. that is a contributing resource to the district the finger piers are in. we need to make sure that is treated in a way that maintains the integrity of the district. secondly we are talking about use of public finance to repay warrior's private financing of the pier substructure improvement. that may involve debt issuance over a 30-year period of time. we need to have a very detailed discussion about how that is secured, to ensure there are ongoing revenues to continue paying that debt. that is something we will discuss with director of public finance and others who work on finance in the city. i think jennifer has talked a lot about the project financing that we will address through the pro forma analysis and discuss what the city is obliged to repay and community benefits. how specifically is city through the
Nov 14, 2012 12:00pm PST
of these three sources is less than 120 million. the port really has a liability in the pier substructure, in piers 30-32 in form of crumbling pier. warriors have agreed to repair it with their money at their risk. what it means is under the current proposal, warriors do not get a return of their investment based on our current estimates of the value of these three sources. nevermind a return on their investment. if i can have the overhead. thank you. not that one. the light one. this is a pretty simple worksheet that we work with our consultants eps to present that really looks at the qualified cost and sources for reimbursement. taking out this notion is not an interest rate but cost of capital but taking out the cost of capitol, the value if you look at the value of the three sources of reimbursement and look at them in two ways, there's the purchase credit for the seawall lot, projected isd bond, close to 55.5 million. the slight variable if you look at the fee value. if we could sell 3032, the appraiser looked at if we could sell 3032 what would the value be. 30 million. based upon c
Nov 21, 2012 10:00pm PST
control after games as they're heading back the other way directly off the pier onto ferry boats. what is the realistic nature of those types of alternatives and how can we begin to explore them? >> thank you. so, for the transit, classic transit service, golden gate, the boat pro supplieders that take you to the ball parks, they carry about a third of the transit rider ship already at the ballpark. that is a tare men disamount of lift. it is much higher than the representation of the commuters downtown. water taxi is a new animal. the port just finished the fee process. i was on the water taxi with the bidders because i wanted to see what value they could add specifically for america's cup. my brain doesn't stop therethv i wanted to look atwater taxi as a resource. [speaker not understood]. i want to talk to them more extensively about next year. this gives us plenty time what water taxis mean by the time it is open in 2017, 2018. >> thank you. i just want to say i think this is a truly critical part of this development as we move forward and i appreciate the work that is happening in
Nov 21, 2012 10:30pm PST
of the original structures along the piers. so, they're about 60 feet high and they have the shed-like appearance that we're still developing. they'll have direct access from the embarcadaro. this is a view showing those retail facilities in relation to nearby pier 28. you'll see they're about the same height. so, there is no sort of wall or tower kind of structure on the west side of the embarcadaro. it's simply continuing the esthetic and mass of the existing facilities. >> mr. dikers, can we just ask you about those structures? >> sure. >> are they like shopping mall type retail, or what would be the purpose of those sheds? >> there's a number of functions that are being considered, certainly a range of functions all the way from traditional coffee shops, restaurants and things that the community might be able to use, all the way to larger venues that might house entertainment related to late night activities and so forth. but also shopping, food, and other kinds of facilities. they were not large footprint. they're designed to take regular retail modules. >> okay. and then on the exterior --
Nov 22, 2012 4:30pm PST
along the embarcadaro. so, this is where the pier is based centrally as you might have seen it in the past. this is moving it out and rotating it slightly so it falls into a zone which we feel has least impact more towards the east than originally anticipated. now, there are a number of other concerns about these view corridor studies of seawall. i'd like to address those in a moment. for the meantime i'd like to say these corridor studies are important to the arena itself. there is a very large structure and will have certainly the most impact on the surroundings, more than the structures that are anticipated in building here. >> before you move on, if i can ask the question, because it's come up with some of the our residents [speaker not understood]. can you go over which sites you've examined and how you chose those sites? clearly the first one is the water mark, but if you could -- [multiple voices] >> yes. each of those sort of orange blocks that you see filled out are the immediate adjacent sites as well as the public view spaces. so, we have two sets on the top which
Nov 23, 2012 10:30am PST
locations where the bay bridge first pier is really visible and we wanted to highlight that in the new design. here is the first sketch that we have of the concept, sort of the arena to the east. retail low rise to the left. enormous space, this wonderful space that frames the view of this pier, which is really one of the most dramatic components of this part of the city and certainly of the neighborhood here. these are some later sketch renderings that we've made. these are very early. i did want to mention that we have not yet really resolved the facades and the finishes yet. it's still too early. buts as will be noted in a moment, we are looking at transparent grass facades for the arena so people can see in and out of the activities there as they move along the waterfront. * glass this is moving closer. you can see this is from the new park looking towards the piers and the bridge. and once again, by framing this view, you're really characterizing the drama of this unique spot in the city. this is a later sketch. all of these are still really sketches from where we
Nov 20, 2012 9:30am PST
of the modules of the retail is set up like a pier. it's about the same width as one of the finger piers, 28. if you go through pier 28 going through the central opening, you'll see how big that really s. you can imagine retail on either side of it, just like a pier. it's only about one-third the depth of a pier. so, as you move through the retail, you move through retail on either side and up onto the next terrace. and that terrace above also leads in the same retail. it's like a split level kind of design where there is a tremendous amount of access all along the embarcadaro. that is the proposal right now. so, we're hoping to enliven the embarcadaro with that design. the other thing i wanted to mention very quickly was in terms of climate and outdoor space. we are working with landscape features as well as physical architectural features to diminish the impact of wind on the raised plaza and, of course, the arena itself will create turbulence that we have to study and understand. while this is something we're very much accustomed to and will be part of the process, design process in the f
Nov 24, 2012 2:30am PST
the pier multipurpose venue usable for public uses and other events such as convention, warriors home games, cultural events, family shows and performing arts and other uses including public space. retail and related parking facilities and develop on seawall lot 330 residential, hotel and/or retail uses and accessory parking in fiscally feasible and responsible under code 29 urging city and port officials to make evaluating and proposed project among its highest priorities and to take all appropriate steps to further environmental review of the proposed project. >> thank you very much. on this item we do have a number of presenters. we first will have jennifer, from the office of economic and workforce development who will give a presentation. after jennifer completes her presentation, we will have monique morrier, offering her comments and to the budget analyst report on this item. before we begin, just for folks who are in the overflow room, we have an overflow room, room 263 that is available. if there are members of the public who are in that room that wish to speak during pu
Nov 15, 2012 10:30pm PST
meeting tomorrow to talk about the maritime proposals for the three sides of the pier on 19th as i mentioned at 1 p.m. there is is a land use hearing which will be an informational hearing. we have had presentations in the cac, now the port commission and felt like it was important to do that at the board of supervisors prior to asking decision on fiscal feasibility. depending on what happens today, budget and finance will propose to be at the full board of supervisors november 20th for consideration of fiscal feasibility. because the lead architect is going to be if town on the 19th for the land use we propose to have a workshop, not a full meeting. but design workshop on the lot 330 on tuesday evening to take advantage of him being in town. i have heard concerns about that time. we would obviously bring him back after the holidays to do that again. nothing will progress based on the feet back. it would be a shame not the make full use of his time while here given that he had updated thoughts on that development. many of the neighbors are as interested in what is going on in lot 3
Nov 24, 2012 3:30am PST
the chair of pier 30, 32 citizen advisory committee is here. it would be okay with the port and city if she could speak as well. >> just let me finish my presentation. >> yes. >> i would like to ask monique to speak and if there are other parties representative, we can do that. ms. moyer. >> thank you. good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for allowing me to have a few minutes to speak. there is a broad group waiting a long time. i'm anxious to hear from them as well. i don't have a lot i want to share. i think it is instrmental to look at appears 30 and 32 for a second. they were built as two separate piers in 1914. they will mark 100 next year. they were joined in 1952 when we moved from rail to trucking. this was filled in in 1914 to provide a rail yard to support piers 30, 32, 26 and 28. that is where the city had the sugar import section. we were a big importer of sugar. those were envisioned and pioneered to be built with reinforced concrete to make them fireproof. ironically in 1984 the buildings on top of the piers burnt down but pier itself survived. in 1987 there was a proposal f
Nov 24, 2012 10:00pm PST
on there, but i have attended all of the public workshops for public input on pier 30-32 and i would ask this commission and the staff to direct everyone who is a negotiating party to when they attend these public meetings to shut up and identify themselves. there was a lot of furor at my table at the latest session which was quality of life because one of the warrior's negotiators sat at our table and had input, and was very vocal, and didn't identify herself as a warriors until the entire thing was over and people freaked out. i request that there be a rule and enforced on all negotiations particularly the golden state warriors that in the case of the golden state warriors the port, owed and particularly the warriors not participate as members of the public and wear big badges saying who they are because people hide behind anonymity and i know because i have been around the block owed -- i don't know the golden state warriors but i know the port and i know owed but i am very unusual. most of the people there are true civilians and it is unfair for them to have to argue with a person f
Nov 22, 2012 4:00pm PST
, but a lot of challenges. these circles that are radiating around pier 30-32, they could be drawn on any of the big projects. but they helped me identify how many bus stops, how many transit stops, the walking distance, the parking facilities. this is the network of maps that are going to start shaping some of our solutions. so, how do we get the solutions? we pay attention to the inventory of projects that are happening not just in the next five years, or the next 15 years, but all the way out to the next 30 years. they might be hard to read so let me explain what you're looking at. this is a snapshot of what we call the second phase of three phases. between 2013 and 2017, perhaps between 2017 and 2025, will be this phase. this is the phase that has the mission rock project. the beginning of pier 70, it has the arena built out. it also has central subway. it has the caltrain electric strife indication, the implementation of phases of tep and the bike plan. * but what i'm paying attention to or we all are hopefully is are we linking these investments so they fall in time for the land use
Nov 23, 2012 12:30am PST
proposed arena. also see along the embarkadero on the piers 30-32 site about 135,000 square feet of retail proposed. perhaps the most distinguishing feature you can see on this slide is the fact that over 50% of the site -- in fact, quite a bit more than 50% of the site in the plan that's been proposed, over seven acres of new open public space, that obviously with investment and rehabilitating the piers is what we think is a tremendous new public space opportunity in san francisco. the perimeter on all three sides will have access to the public at all times for pedestrian traffic as well as bicycle traffic. you can see that it actually from the water side on the south steps up to a plus 45 on the north side of the pier. that allows us to do several things. from an experience of those patrons who will be coming to events there it allows us to enter those patrons on the main con course and go down to their seats, or up to their seats, which will greatly experience the fan experience. one of the other things you see is robust maritime opportunities. part of the plan proposes to rel
Nov 27, 2012 9:00am PST
. and to do that before may 2015, get that out ahead of the published draft e-i-r for pier 30-32, it gottion us ahead of the draft e-i-r for mission rock and pier 70. so we can start pointing to tremendously valuable mitigations measures and solutions that hopefully are part of the project or certainly addressing what the project impacts are. again, i'm one of the stakeholders. my system mta needs to work well. getting ahead of the data, timing, community concerns, i will be much more confident going into an e-i-r and all of the analysis we get, understanding that i've got these ideas and this community perceptions with me. so, with that i'd be happy to take questions or move to the next presenter. >> wanted to ask mr. albert, how many people participated in that october 30th workshop, and how are you doing outreach to make sure the neighbors and neighborhoods around the development are really involved? and i know lisa pagan also mentioned the neighborhoods are really critical but i just wanted to have some sense of numbers and how you're going to get better data and include the neighborhood
Nov 18, 2012 5:30pm PST
represent the city's fire boat fleet. there is a placeholder on the north and south side of the pier that is envisioned to accommodate water taxi, ferry landings and private craft in the lower right-hand corner of the site. we are very excited about having this enter into the review so these ideas can be fully vetted. the design will evolve as that takes place. >> in order to do the fiscal feasibility analysis it was important to come up with a broad outline of the proposed business terms for this deal. so the warriors in the city in port work to come up with a conceptual framework. that is not before you today as part of the resolution. i think it is important to take a few minutes to describe the framework that forms the assumption in the feasibility report. the framework says this. the warrior also privately finance all development on piers 30, 32 and seawall lot 30. the city and port will reimburse warriors for agreed upon improvements for city-owned infrastructure. expenditures for improvement are reimbursable expenditures are capped at $120 million. funds for reimbursing those
Nov 21, 2012 9:30pm PST
state warriors development on piers 30 to 32 and seawall lot 330, and update on the waterfront transportation network assessment. >> thank you. and the sponsors are supervisor jane kim and president david chiu. so, we're joined by supervisor jane kim on this item. supervisor kim. >> thank you, chair mar. thank you for agendizing this hearing today. as many of you know, last wednesday at the budget finance committee, we considered the fiscal feasibility of the pier 30-32 project which includes a potential arena with our warriors team back here in san francisco. the committee did determine that the project is fiscally feasible, but as many of you know, we do have a lot of concerns in the neighborhood as we move through this process. and, no, i called this hearing to readdress one of the current concerns that we've heard the most often regarding this project which is transportation. this hearing is the first of multiple hearings that i have requested to give the board periodic updates on the proposed golden gate warriors development project. this first hearing is just an informati
Nov 18, 2012 12:00am PST
substation and embarcadero substation. you see the submerged route in blue and enter the bay north of pier 30 and south of pier 28. go along a route that is very lose to the current trans bay cable route but several hundred feet away and then enter -- or leave the bay at 23rd street, connecting to a new substation right near the po tero substation. there are two other routes at&t is looking at you through the process. they're shown in red and green here. the big difference between the routes is submerged route would require construction activities along about seven city blocks whereas the other two routes would involve major construction activities along 40 city blocks . so it's a complicated project. it's an expensive project. it would involve about a 3-mile cable run either submarine or under ground. it would connect to a new 230 kv bus at the embarcadero substation, and that's being constructed as part of a separate project and it would involve new 230 kv switch yard on a portion of the former power plant site and at&t is in separate negotiations with genon to acquire that substat
Nov 18, 2012 12:00pm PST
and if you look on piers 30-32 you will see this but there is a list of comments so we know the transit and parking issues. that's helping us make sure as we work with engineers they're getting the input from the people that live and work about this area and the general responsibility in fixing transportation solutions, but the next steps and we're very much at the beginning of the assessment, are the workshops on december 4. one comment we heard loud and clear "give us land use information to match the transportation information" so we have maps that will be layered on top of the transportation networks so we can see where people are living and where the networks need to go and we had an important comment "what are the goals and objectives of the assessment?" . it's one thing to have engineers and it's another that we understand quality of life and what makes san francisco successful? pedestrian first and transportation priority and the land use plans and those are things that we would incorporate and taking the inventory of all the goals and objectives and making sure they speak t
Nov 17, 2012 10:30pm PST
these are three projects i am working closely on. pier 70. sea wall 330 and these across the street. but we don't start from a cold start. we have been doing a lot of work already with the community and understanding how to make the trpg in the waterfront work better. i have been to this commission talking about america's cup. that was a tremendously important experience. actually we treated that input from the outreach seriously and we rowntded up the input we got from america's cup and through the progress reports and at the cac meetings of this project and at the hearing we got input as well and on the website you will see pages of community input we managed and structured and categorized it and it's shaping this assessment for us. but i don't want to down play how important it was to play with the america's cup. we piloted and tried our hand at new things and erks lie and a project and carried hundreds of people and that is a pilot project that could have a legacy. we have the bike sharing program this spring and we work with the companies to do a proxy bike sharing program and get it
Nov 24, 2012 11:00pm PST
which is really looking at the cost to rehabilitate piers 30-32 so it's seismically sound and can support the multi-purpose venue on it, and how the warriors will initially finance that investment and how the city would repay that investment to public property, and jennifer mattes will go over that a little more detail but that conceptual framework is published to this point to support the fiscal feasibility finding and with these projects the port and city staff will pursue policy approvals with a term sheet with fiscal approval. it was the staff's suggestion to separate the two and really the fiscal feasibility finding, again which jennifer will speak to, is necessary to start environmental review, and i think we're all aware of the aggressive schedule that this project is under taking, and we want to make sure at the staff level we are maximizing the time available for environmental review. that's a important component of this project so getting passed fiscal feasibility and starting environmental review with all of the inputs peter was just talk about is really going to maxim
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 774 (some duplicates have been removed)